The Project - Highlights

Go through the gallery below to see some of the project highlights after completion.

Project Components

We were approached to install a new water feature by this wonderful client who wanted to come home to something that would bring joy and a peaceful feeling in their South Salem hillside estate.
  • Design

    Both native and foreign plants were speckled around the main water feature, creating an organic and beautiful feel, custom large stones collected over time were incorporated into the build as well

  • Water Feature

    The direct water feature components included a meager 6,500 gph (gallons per hour) pump allowing a peaceful water flow into the pond with 45mil pond liner over a proper underlay.

  • Stone Work

    An organic stone surrounding was installed, along with meticulously-placed stones to direct the water to fall in a peaceful and tranquil rate, as desired by the customer.

  • Under Budget Success!

    We beat both their timeline and budget, with this massive project completed within a month, with outstanding quality, well under the initial budget estimate.